Just Us / Weather the Storm / Higher (Live on SNL)

"Father Of Asahd" available at smarturl.it/FatherOfAsahd

DJ Khaled feat. SZA, Meek Mill \u0026 John Legend perform "Just Us", "Weather the Storm" and "Higher" Live on SNL

DJ Khaled online:

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  • Rajendra prasad
    Rajendra prasad26 dagen geleden

    Shut up khaled

  • Silk Road
    Silk RoadMaand geleden

    A lot of Love and Respect from Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬🙂

  • Niicey Harding
    Niicey HardingMaand geleden

    This DJ Khaled. This Meek Mill.

  • Chimezie “Chim”
    Chimezie “Chim”Maand geleden

    What else?

  • Lee A. Decker
    Lee A. Decker5 maanden geleden


  • Kathy Chadbourne
    Kathy Chadbourne8 maanden geleden

    I kinda wish Dj Khalid would drown in his olympic sized swimming pool.

  • Tyler Ringer
    Tyler Ringer8 maanden geleden

    People idolizing him is the reason we are where we are

  • Lilian Whitehead
    Lilian Whitehead9 maanden geleden

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  • RatCatcherCentral
    RatCatcherCentral10 maanden geleden

    This remains the worst SNL performance I have ever seen.

  • Allyson Waters
    Allyson Waters10 maanden geleden

    shrtlink.ca/onli497analsexxxx එය දැනටමත් ඉටු කර ඇතඩ්‍රෝන යානය දැනටමත් ඒ දෙසට ගමන් කරමින් පැවසීය

  • Debra Hensley
    Debra Hensley11 maanden geleden

    shrtlink.ca/russianteenxxx0nli610 අපක්ෂපාතී විය මෝඩයෙක් එය විනාශ වීමට සුදුසුයි එයට ගෞරවය හිමි නොවීය

  • Maycon Xavier
    Maycon Xavier11 maanden geleden


  • Joaquim de Almeida
    Joaquim de AlmeidaJaar geleden

    Yha Dj khaled😍

  • Vincent Leone
    Vincent LeoneJaar geleden

    So what does he actually do?

  • Lauren Simpson
    Lauren SimpsonJaar geleden

    dj has no tallent all he does is say "another one" now my friend is going to sing while i repeate what they say

  • Devin Stockner
    Devin StocknerJaar geleden

    R.I.P Nipsey Hussle 1999 - 2019

  • Devin Stockner
    Devin StocknerJaar geleden

    Nipsey Hussle We Miss You 😢

  • Devin Stockner
    Devin StocknerJaar geleden

    Long Live Nipsey Hussle

  • Devin Stockner
    Devin StocknerJaar geleden

    R.I.P Nipsey Hussle

  • George Jr Tamamu
    George Jr TamamuJaar geleden

    Together to Stronger. I'm happy too says I wanted come from At on street Mabibo Loyola Dar Es Salaam. New Artist Lil GatEight Say #TamamuBaby. My Dreams will Just be Dreams " No matter how hard it is. I Respect Music & Good Life. another one. Will the best I Still real life Just us.

  • መን ኣሎ ከም ኣደ ፈቃር
    መን ኣሎ ከም ኣደ ፈቃርJaar geleden

    Ahhhh I feel bad ohh Go RIP nibsey 😭😭😭😭😭Thanks DJ kald !!!

  • Music Life
    Music LifeJaar geleden

    anotha one

  • matt west
    matt westJaar geleden

    Throw the fat guy off the stage! Keep the mic tho🤦🏻‍♂️

  • deemaunik
    deemaunikJaar geleden

    They need to fire that fuckin' sound man. SZA and Meek both were in and out the whole time.

  • Jacob R
    Jacob RJaar geleden

    Gnome Sayin'

  • NinjaBadness
    NinjaBadnessJaar geleden

    If SZA wasnt there khaled get booed off like vegas🤣🤣🤣

  • bung holeo
    bung holeoJaar geleden

    I thought this was a skit , it was terrible

  • Poind3xt3r
    Poind3xt3rJaar geleden

    You guys better read between the lines.. battle for your soul is real.

  • Isabella
    IsabellaJaar geleden

    Her singing is soo good❤️

  • Oshayne Ebanks
    Oshayne EbanksJaar geleden

    I like you dj kalid your lit

  • Tohfa Rahman Galib
    Tohfa Rahman GalibJaar geleden

    All his song!! we the best music!! Another one!! Dj Khaled!!! what the fu.k!!!

  • Neutral Artist
    Neutral ArtistJaar geleden

    In today's news, SNL's entire sound crew has mysteriously disappeared 😶

  • Keisha Marseille
    Keisha MarseilleJaar geleden

    Each performance John legend does will forever give me goosebumps.

  • Ignacio Salas
    Ignacio SalasJaar geleden

    DJ Khaled sucks, this not music, this is a playback... music is garbage these days

  • Medusa v2
    Medusa v2Jaar geleden

    He's making the amazing happen bringing all these artists together its a great thing to watch!

  • Melinda Mullins
    Melinda MullinsJaar geleden


  • Melinda Mullins
    Melinda MullinsJaar geleden

    Do they realize how amazing they are! Awesomeness✌⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Paulo Bondoc
    Paulo BondocJaar geleden

    Zsa is better live than the Recording damn girl

  • Darksun ONe
    Darksun ONeJaar geleden

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  • Karen Meraz
    Karen MerazJaar geleden

    I love this song! But he just yells too much smh and ehhh don’t like it.

  • Stephen Frost
    Stephen FrostJaar geleden

    It's hard to listen to the performers when DJ Khaled keeps yelling over them "Another one" I really don't think there's a need for his narrative.

  • Face Meat
    Face MeatJaar geleden

    Talentless tub of goo.

  • KEMZ
    KEMZJaar geleden

    SZA 😍😍

  • will merp
    will merpJaar geleden

    When sza cant sing her parts😂

    EVaFRESH MOLINOJaar geleden

    Strangest DJ Khaled album ever dont get me wrong it's just is the best song on the album and I'm only saying that for the outkast sample

  • Chronosphere Steen
    Chronosphere SteenJaar geleden

    wow what an inspritation

  • msergio0293
    msergio0293Jaar geleden

    Does these fat fuck says anything else than another one?

  • palacios jorge
    palacios jorge2 jaar geleden

    I lost count how many dj khaleds he yelled

  • Groovy Rothko
    Groovy Rothko2 jaar geleden

    this the kind of shit to make nipsy roll over in his grave

  • L L
    L L2 jaar geleden

    Wow dj Khaled actually played off the sound mistake at the beginning really well. I thought it was on purpose until the random silence

  • Nicolle Renteria
    Nicolle Renteria2 jaar geleden

    am I the only one that started singing Mrs.Jackson when the music starts

  • Joyce Boston
    Joyce Boston2 jaar geleden

    Well this was awesome!!

  • Katrina Liavaa
    Katrina Liavaa2 jaar geleden


  • Harry Key
    Harry Key2 jaar geleden

    I like how all the guys just stand in front of SZA like she’s nothing 😂

  • santiscorpius77
    santiscorpius772 jaar geleden

    Another what? Acid reflux? Upset stomach? Indigestion? Diarrea? ?????

  • Tyson Krehnke
    Tyson Krehnke2 jaar geleden

    Wow the most talented vocalist of the last 3 years stooping to a level of performing with DJ khaled on a song that samples Ms. Jackson (one of the 5 best songs ever) in it's entirety with no shame and no class. How much did they pay SZA that is just ridiculous.

  • E
    E2 jaar geleden

    Fucking horrible

  • WhalleyRangeMassive
    WhalleyRangeMassive2 jaar geleden

    Wow...this is truly awful. DJK looks awkward. Rapper and singer look awkward. Some fat guy shouting random words. People buy this rubbish....

  • Zaid Alam
    Zaid Alam2 jaar geleden

    Habibi Khalid you are representing

  • Lexxx Luther
    Lexxx Luther2 jaar geleden

    I felt that in my soul ☝️🙏🏽

  • Mickey Mouseupss
    Mickey Mouseupss2 jaar geleden

    Ur the besttttttttttttt

  • Saša Bogdanović
    Saša Bogdanović2 jaar geleden

    love how only think dj khaled know to say is this artist name IT IS DJ KHALED xD so sad

  • Mannie Morales
    Mannie Morales2 jaar geleden

    That fuck fool does nothing

  • rabulisten
    rabulisten2 jaar geleden

    In an infinite universe Khaleds mere existence is a giant waste of space.

  • Oochie Luciano
    Oochie Luciano2 jaar geleden

    This is trash

  • celal onuk
    celal onuk2 jaar geleden

    just sza

  • Gamer Zone
    Gamer Zone2 jaar geleden

    Instead making of khaled we should be thankful to him for giving us so many bangers one after one... 🙏🏻🙏🏻 been listening to him since i was kid. Thank u khaled

  • Archie Raiden
    Archie Raiden2 jaar geleden

    Clearly destroying his own song thats DJ khaled haha

  • Kareem El habel
    Kareem El habel2 jaar geleden

    No the best D.G is MARSHMALLOW

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart2 jaar geleden

    One of the best SNL performances I’ve EVER seen.

  • Cactus Jack Foley
    Cactus Jack Foley2 jaar geleden

    How come Lil Baby didn’t perform his verse on weather the storm

  • Shavonne Williams
    Shavonne Williams2 jaar geleden


  • Dj Khaled official

    Dj Khaled official

    22 dagen geleden

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  • Jazz Smith
    Jazz Smith2 jaar geleden

    Lil baby looking like he ready to go

  • J.Manuel Ordońez
    J.Manuel Ordońez2 jaar geleden


  • FreshKidME
    FreshKidME2 jaar geleden

    love how they stand in formation at the end just like some Hip-Hop Avengers... 😂

  • Tom Fallon
    Tom Fallon2 jaar geleden

    khaled's energy is sick, great hype man

  • Little Heaven
    Little Heaven2 jaar geleden

    I need a Hyman in my life like DJ Khaled 🔥🙏

  • Tanawin Krampu
    Tanawin Krampu2 jaar geleden

    Love you song soooooooooooo us 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • 호다닥
    호다닥2 jaar geleden

    You know what? In fact dj khaled made a hiphop program in korea,which the winner can produce with dj khaled. But dj khaled is run out when the program wasn't finished yet. The program is fucking shit finished.. I`m so disappointed

  • amber chhetri
    amber chhetri2 jaar geleden

    Tears on my eyes... singing song fighting the world.....for creating positivity and walking and spreading love.....

  • Pate Dabea
    Pate Dabea2 jaar geleden

    SZL 🔥🔥 wen she hit the mic

  • Nikii Clues
    Nikii Clues2 jaar geleden

    That last part broke my heart open.. SIP Nipsey

  • Kylis
    Kylis2 jaar geleden

    I thought sza couldn’t sing anymore?

    RAHEEM2 jaar geleden

    Fuck you dj khaled your friend finish in t-shirt. 🤣

  • Yosief Yohannes
    Yosief Yohannes2 jaar geleden

    Really nice job DJ. Khalid

  • Best Top
    Best Top2 jaar geleden

    he kill your music instagram.com/liraymusic/

  • Jadis Mercado (f.k.a. The Adjective Noun)
    Jadis Mercado (f.k.a. The Adjective Noun)2 jaar geleden

    0:04 NICE A L E X J O N E S SHIRT! 👌🏽🤡🌎

  • gera lyubov
    gera lyubov2 jaar geleden

    4 outkast

  • Alexandria
    Alexandria2 jaar geleden

    I love dj khaleds hoodie and meek mills pendant for nipsey, they was drippin in his honor!

    SOFIYA2 jaar geleden

    love this😍

  • 로아
    로아2 jaar geleden

    Love Meek Mill’s flow~~~~~~~~

  • 로아
    로아2 jaar geleden

    Another One!!!

  • Gael Essem
    Gael Essem2 jaar geleden

    Damn neep 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • CollegeStation CamronTV
    CollegeStation CamronTV2 jaar geleden

    This was a epic performance 🙌

  • Hallow
    Hallow2 jaar geleden

    Dj khaled Really zzzzz best.

  • Ahmed Jabbie
    Ahmed Jabbie2 jaar geleden

    Another one 🔥🔥🔥

    RICH BLACK KID2 jaar geleden

    love you dj khaled

  • LyaahM
    LyaahM2 jaar geleden

    Great to see Lil Wayne at the end for the tribute

  • Aaliyah-Marie Howard
    Aaliyah-Marie Howard2 jaar geleden

    #TheMarathonContinues 💙💙💙👑

  • ams1941
    ams19412 jaar geleden

    One of the best right there the way he makes music is amazing. He is just awesome all around. I love the way he loves his son and wife and lets people know it as well. Mad respect for him. R.I.P Nipsey