DJ Khaled - I CAN HAVE IT ALL (Official Audio) ft. Bryson Tiller, H.E.R., Meek Mill

Official audio for DJ Khaled feat. H.E.R., Meek Mill \u0026 Bryson Tiller “I CAN HAVE IT ALL” off his KHALED KHALED Album

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Yeah I know you tired baby
I know you so tired
Yeah, help has arrived baby
Look up in the sky
Know you wanna fly
Know you trying your hardest to get by
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in…I can see it in
We The Best Music

Cuz I can have it all
I can have it
I can have it all
I can have it

Another one

And I can have it all
I can have it
I can have it all

DJ Khaled!

Knew I was special for a young age,
Knew I would take some shit to my grave
Hope that the problems that I became
To some niggas that I sleighed, don’t catch up
To me some day
But karma my bitch and she workin for me
What up for the niggas who still adore me
Cuz there’s some broads out here fucking for 40
And I’m just trying to make somebody’s son fall in love
before 40.
I’ve been on some wild shit
Comin out the bank with a mortgage deposit
Made myself a promise ima win
Never again, buck a broken hearted
And I’m staring at the Fontainebleau from the balcony
With a Maremma bottle trying to chase a dream

Cuz I can have it all
I can have it
I can have it all
I can have it
Aint got no hate in my blood or no jealousy
I know there’s some money and somebody out there
just for me
And I can have it all
I can have it
I can have it all
I can have it
I can feel it in the air

Ridin with my billionaire homie,
I got the glock up on me.
He always askin’ me why I got it,
He try hide it from me
He tell me won’t you get some security
You got a lot of money
But I can’t get this shit outta my heart
That took my father from me, shit!
Do you know the feeling of success
When you young and you black
But you stressed and you blessed
And you gotta wake up every single morning
and do your best
And when you get your cake up
Niggas gonna try you on the net
I had to switch way up
Cuz I can’t die by my respect
I got kids I gotta feed
I got a momma that can’t grieve
When it was slow and niggas left
I made my mind if I can’t leave
Cuz Tommy doin’ life
Shit I got guys that got free
Juveniles don’t get no life at 17
He was 18 they gave him life
So we got prayer and belief
And tried to squeeze on every resource
That we know that he need
We must achieve
And once we see if we gon’ go and succeed
The art of creed
I’m from Philly nigga
Know where I’m from

From the balcony I see the Fontainebleau,
Over the bridge is muddy waters til your dreams come true
But I can have it all
I can have it
I can have it all
I can have it
From the balcony I see the Fontainebleau,
Over the bridge is muddy waters til your dreams come true
But I can have it all
I can have it
I can have it all
I can have it

Who knew it would be worth all of the losses
Hop in the Bentley any worry what the cost is
I know you out there trying to sell yourself for profit
We gotta count all of the blessings cuz it’s Godsend
Standing on the edge right now
I said I’m standing on the edge right now
And if the walls come down
If it all come down, if it come down


(C) 2021 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


  • Leiara Malone
    Leiara MaloneMinuut geleden

    Them 23 seconds of heaven😫 bryson needs to make that part a whole song😫😫

  • Shakira Williams
    Shakira Williams5 uur geleden

    Khaled know exactly what he be doing putting this music together 🔥

  • Elle Lorna
    Elle Lorna9 uur geleden

    Straight fyahhh!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Gasnell Studios
    Gasnell Studios18 uur geleden

    God Bless You Unconditionally🙏🏽

  • Aldridge517
    Aldridge517Dag geleden

    Meek is the highlight. Also, Khaled on the beat, of course.

  • Heaven Delcid
    Heaven DelcidDag geleden

    THIS IS THE SONG ALL 2021!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Michaela Petkova
    Michaela PetkovaDag geleden

    That's what means when people say "Music inspires" - 'cause WE CAN HAVE IT ALL! It's hard-work, blood, sweat and tears, but at the end of the day IT'S POSSIBLE!

  • Isa_blaa
    Isa_blaa9 dagen geleden

    Melodie bei 0:30 einfach Casper - Kippenpause 😅

  • sehume chokky
    sehume chokky9 dagen geleden

    We need the intro as a whole song because wow🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • LongLive Vroy
    LongLive Vroy9 dagen geleden


  • aaliyah siddique
    aaliyah siddique10 dagen geleden


  • Chandler Berry
    Chandler Berry12 dagen geleden

    What sample is that in the begging it’s literally on the tip of my tongue i know its a song by meek mill

  • Jamila Biasek
    Jamila Biasek13 dagen geleden

    Unis à Jamais Nahil feat Oum

  • Tish cc
    Tish cc13 dagen geleden

    I'm here for Meek verses, his so underrated.

  • Ashley Danielle
    Ashley Danielle14 dagen geleden

    H.E.R. killed her part! She did her thing!

  • Corrine .
    Corrine .15 dagen geleden


  • Gasnell Studios
    Gasnell Studios15 dagen geleden

    🙌🏽 🤍 🖤 🙏🏽 🙂 thank you for this💯

  • oladipupo olanrewaju
    oladipupo olanrewaju15 dagen geleden

    This meek mill verse tells us we all need a new album from him. Nigga been preaching on the street . it's hard. H.e.r did amazing job 💎🔥🔥

  • TheSvartdemon
    TheSvartdemon16 dagen geleden

    Only good song off the whole joint

  • Dils
    Dils17 dagen geleden

    I m listening to beanie Sigel - feel in the air ... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kate marie
    Kate marie18 dagen geleden

    Beanie's beat & honestly not bad

  • Big D
    Big D18 dagen geleden

    What sample beat did they use, is it Beanie Sigel, "I feel it in the air" beat. I love it. The song fire 🔥 they killed it

  • krazybonita85


    12 dagen geleden

    Yes 👍🏾

  • Tino Cayze
    Tino Cayze18 dagen geleden

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    uMADden19 dagen geleden

    Can I be H.I.M.

  • Red Shii
    Red Shii20 dagen geleden

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  • Oscar Hadebe
    Oscar Hadebe21 dag geleden

    H.E.R 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Joy Morris
    Joy Morris21 dag geleden

    This is fire baby cause I can have it all I got it all

  • Jayjay Murrell
    Jayjay Murrell22 dagen geleden

    H.E.R is so underatted

  • Makgosi Kobela
    Makgosi Kobela22 dagen geleden

    H.E.R did it for me on this track😭

  • Emilio Gonzales
    Emilio Gonzales22 dagen geleden

    Beanie seagull shittt

  • Daniel JD
    Daniel JD23 dagen geleden

    MEEEK: Yeah, riding with my billionaire homie, I got the Glock up on me He always asking me why I got it? Been tryna hide it from him He tell me, "Why don't you get some security? You got a lot of money" But I can't get this shit out my heart that took my father from me Shit, do you know the feeling of success? When you young and you black but you stressed and you blessed And you gotta wake up every single morning, do your best And when you get your cake up niggas gon' try you on the 'net I had to switch way up 'cause I can't die by my respect I got kids I gotta feed, I got a momma that can't grieve When it was slow and niggas left, I made my mind up, I can't leave Plus homie doing life, shit, I got guys that got free Juveniles don't get no life at 17, he was 18 They gave him life so we gotta pray and believe And try to squeeze on every resource that we know that he need We must achieve And once we see him we gon' go and succeed The heart of Creed, I'm from Philly, nigga

  • uMADden
    uMADden24 dagen geleden

    Meek's screaming and horrible verse, other than that fire track

  • Rahul Sanas
    Rahul Sanas24 dagen geleden

    Came here Only For Meek 🔥 1 of My Top 5 Favourite Rapper of All Time .G.O.A.T. 🔥

  • Raoul fabrice Suenou
    Raoul fabrice Suenou24 dagen geleden

    Dreams chaser 4 life

  • Obakeng Gatsby
    Obakeng Gatsby25 dagen geleden

    Look, you are not your past-no, but you are who say you are, so your future starts today, with what you think, believe and say. You can have it all. ❤️✊🏾☺️

  • Corey Farrell
    Corey Farrell26 dagen geleden


  • Thokozani Gabula
    Thokozani Gabula26 dagen geleden

    waiting for the visualz

  • jaymie Folks
    jaymie Folks26 dagen geleden

    The way Dj Khaled sampled lil snupe, Meek then slayed the beat 🔥🔥🔥

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson26 dagen geleden

    This for the the day we come back to gather up all the time and you can remember sitting on em park benches cufin the cigarettes when the church people came out I had my pack cousin Jackie pat me down ms Jessie herd us cussing Mrs Ruth thought we was fussing and we was only joking

  • Allen Tula
    Allen Tula27 dagen geleden

    Without H.E.R. this song wouldn't hit the same.

  • george brown

    george brown

    22 dagen geleden

    It’s funny you say that cause I skip past her part and go straight to Meeks verse 😂🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Danyal Sadiq
    Danyal Sadiq27 dagen geleden

    Meek’s verse tho 🤯 can’t get this shit out my heart that took my father from mee

  • Cha Darly
    Cha Darly27 dagen geleden


  • Bvrry Bronx TV
    Bvrry Bronx TV27 dagen geleden

    H.E.R is From planet Mars🤯

  • US Tourist
    US Tourist27 dagen geleden

    Shout out to Tuff Crew, Phlly's 1st Hip Hop Super Group from the 215. Just ask DJ Khaled bout em.

  • Noizestradamus
    Noizestradamus27 dagen geleden

    Soooo anyone knows the sample used on Bryson's prelude part?

  • Delight Dru
    Delight Dru28 dagen geleden

    Meek mill. S verse 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Bianca Vie
    Bianca Vie29 dagen geleden

    Bro this is a whole mood rn

  • James Hamilton
    James Hamilton29 dagen geleden

    Bruh! DJ Khaled really gonna sample Beanie Sigel's "Feel It In The Air" and add Meek on the song....YOOOO THAT'S A LOW BLOW!

  • James Hamilton

    James Hamilton

    27 dagen geleden

    @george brown It's true man

  • george brown

    george brown

    27 dagen geleden

    @James Hamilton 😂😂😂

  • James Hamilton

    James Hamilton

    28 dagen geleden

    @george brown Bruh....U have the name of 1 of my high schoolmate

  • george brown

    george brown

    28 dagen geleden

    lol beans and meek cool now, I've seen him comment a few times on Meek's IG page..

  • Thabo Molefe
    Thabo Molefe29 dagen geleden

    Meek's verse Is everything ❤❤🤯💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mustafa DC4L
    Mustafa DC4LMaand geleden

    Meek Mill😓

  • Javontte Williams
    Javontte WilliamsMaand geleden

    Best song on the album . 🤷 😕

  • Ndumiso Zungu
    Ndumiso ZunguMaand geleden

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    Davon BrownMaand geleden

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    Garfield SmithMaand geleden

    Cant wait for this video trust mi

    ALL NATION REACTSMaand geleden

    This is one of my favorite on the album It speaks to me so much I can have it ALL 🙌🏻

  • Damian Hernandez
    Damian HernandezMaand geleden

    Khaled you’re really testing my dislike button!!

  • Rayelle Luckett
    Rayelle LuckettMaand geleden

    This my anthem... cried real 😭 tears

  • Michael Forcina
    Michael ForcinaMaand geleden

    The beat/production on this is amazing but I also wish the Bryson tiller intro was a full song

  • AYY P
    AYY PMaand geleden

    Best believe you can have it all...!! 💯

  • Echofide
    EchofideMaand geleden

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    Patrick WoodrumMaand geleden

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  • Devon Darby

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  • African Girl
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    Oluyemi AkinnibosunMaand geleden

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  • nick0yt


    Maand geleden

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  • chelsea Lynnette
    chelsea LynnetteMaand geleden

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  • Jericho
    JerichoMaand geleden

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  • Lethukuthula Mhlongo
    Lethukuthula MhlongoMaand geleden

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    Lu EMaand geleden

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  • Abigail splendour Mtileni
    Abigail splendour MtileniMaand geleden

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    Greg BydanovMaand geleden

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    Tajhia StovallMaand geleden

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    Shemil BennetMaand geleden

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    ash patelMaand geleden

    I’m not gonna lie Meek Mill killed it!

  • Carla Sow
    Carla SowMaand geleden

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  • Dj Khaled official

    Dj Khaled official

    Dag geleden

    Hi just wanna take this opportunity to appreciate you for your support , I read your comments here before replying , feel free to add me up on email hangouts ( insist to call you on video after adding me up to be sure you’re not one of those that blackmail . I pray you never stop listening to my music 🎶.🎶🎶❤...

  • Davion Morgan
    Davion MorganMaand geleden

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  • mogorosi mogorosi
    mogorosi mogorosiMaand geleden


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    tara whittedMaand geleden


  • mogorosi mogorosi
    mogorosi mogorosiMaand geleden

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    Maanda MufamadiMaand geleden

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  • Zakai Prince of Power
    Zakai Prince of PowerMaand geleden

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  • star girl
    star girlMaand geleden

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  • Teta Deborah
    Teta DeborahMaand geleden

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    Aaron ArringtonMaand geleden

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    Cheezy BreadMaand geleden

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  • Austin Thuku
    Austin ThukuMaand geleden

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  • Austin Thuku
    Austin ThukuMaand geleden

    Yoh i just wish Dj khaled would make drill beats

  • SeanInProgress
    SeanInProgressMaand geleden

    Got nothin on Beanie Sigel's sorry. Real talk everyone that love Meek's verse and this beat gotta go back and do Beanie's. One of the best hip hop tracks of all time.

  • Duyon Walton
    Duyon WaltonMaand geleden

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