DJ Khaled ft Nas, JAY-Z, James Fauntleroy & Harmonies by The Hive - SORRY NOT SORRY(Audio)

Official audio for DJ Khaled feat. Nas, JAY-Z \u0026 James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive “SORRY NOT SORRY” off his KHALED KHALED Album

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Sorry, not sorry.
Don’t mind me,
I’m living a dream.
Living a dream, yeah
Came from nothing,
With a thought that we would be
Living a dream, living a dream yeah

We The Best Music! Another one! DJ Khaled!

Hear ye, Hear ye,
Only kings stand near me.
Silicon Valley money mixed with Henny, that’s a Fendi.
Half a century almost,
Slice the green like a lawnmower.
Til we all on, never fall off, hear a boss talk,
You don’t hear me, that’s your loss.
Winner in life, fuck a coin toss.
I’m coin based, basically crypto-currency scarface.
Join us, there’s gotta be more of us,
I’m from the ghetto.
What location? 2 seconds from the devil.
I live heavenly in Cabo, with a Mexican sombrero.
Drink heavily, health is wealth.
Look at wealth of me, wipe your nose
History, my type of clothes.
Miss me with the hate,
Helped so many people get cake.
Whips and cream, for the crew.
No other weed I think faster
Time I spit this, I started some other business
Came from the pitchin,
Cain in the kitchen,
Dangerous missions,
Wasting your time if you want my forgiveness

Sorry, not sorry.
Don’t mind me,
I’m living a dream.
Living a dream, yeah
Came from nothing,
With a thought that we would be
Living a dream, living a dream yeah

Sorry, that’s another B
Haters still aint recover from the other B,
Ugh, that’s a double b, naw that’s a triple b, can’t forget bout the other B
(bey: Hey)
It’s white gloves for me,
Hater know not to touch me, I’m with the fuckery
(fuck with me) humbly, naw respectfully.
I’m a project baby fuck yall expect from me?
America’s disrespect for me
You killed Christ you created religion, unexpectedly
Circular ice on Japanese whiskey, on my mezzanine.
Overlooking the city of Angels,
The angel invested in things,
Unprecedented run (facts)
Everybody’s getting’ bands,
We just dance to different drums
I like who I become
Intermittently fasting but these meals I’m not missing none.

Sorry, not sorry.
Don’t mind me,
I’m living a dream.
Living a dream, yeah
Came from nothing,
With a thought that we would be
Living a dream, living a dream yeah

(C) 2021 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


  • Robert Cannon
    Robert CannonDag geleden

    Check out this remix with the gospel message

  • THE-_ DOOM_Slayer
    THE-_ DOOM_Slayer9 dagen geleden

    Song NEEDS to be in gta 6

  • Jamila Biasek
    Jamila Biasek13 dagen geleden

    Nahil feat Oum Unis à Jamais

  • George Goncalves
    George Goncalves15 dagen geleden

    First time listening to the album. Love it!!!!! Songs had so much familiarity with the past and the present. Great Job!!!

  • Musadeq Ruley-Minus
    Musadeq Ruley-Minus20 dagen geleden

    Jayz you like happy day and day day weekend for your day day

  • David Mcgary
    David Mcgary22 dagen geleden


  • Brandyn Lee
    Brandyn Lee24 dagen geleden



    💗💗💗💗💗 highest reaction


    💗💗💗💗💗 highest reaction

  • big roy
    big roy29 dagen geleden


  • Eddie Preister
    Eddie PreisterMaand geleden

    He said that he said

    DAY_NYCMaand geleden

    Only kahled could make a TRASH track w the greatest to ever do it. CORNBALL

  • Blad The woods
    Blad The woodsMaand geleden

    Positivity through the roof. Words spitting deep scriptures, biblical written. True wealth stays humble, teach and lead our lost kings and queens. ✊🏽

  • Damian Hernandez
    Damian HernandezMaand geleden

    I mean seriously??? How do you go from Nas ( Legend) And Jay-Z ( Legend) to lil 🍼 baby lil who durk???

  • Damian Hernandez
    Damian HernandezMaand geleden

    Finally real rap!!! I’m going to pretend u didn’t make a song with trash lil baby and trash durk!!

  • From The Office of Myke E. Johnson
    From The Office of Myke E. JohnsonMaand geleden

    This song is beautiful!!!

  • Jermell Stepheny
    Jermell StephenyMaand geleden

    DAMN!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • froesjes froesjes
    froesjes froesjesMaand geleden

  • hi
    hiMaand geleden

    Jay-Z: "thats a triple B cant forget bout the other B" Beyonce: "heyy" Me: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • rosebery Soares pires
    rosebery Soares piresMaand geleden

    Khaled WTF were u thinking... could've done better.

  • Zakai Prince of Power
    Zakai Prince of PowerMaand geleden

    lionsawakened we are waking people up to the truth...stay woke...

  • Mo He
    Mo HeMaand geleden

    Soujoud is better picture for your Album.

  • super novaa
    super novaaMaand geleden

    Nobody : Beyoncé: “Heyyy”

  • D will
    D willMaand geleden

    Nas slaughtered it

  • Isaiah Branford
    Isaiah BranfordMaand geleden

    Y’all gotta understand something. This that grown man hip hop right here.

  • VictorNunzi
    VictorNunziMaand geleden

    No One Feat with Chris Brown 😱

  • Hybrid Impact-83
    Hybrid Impact-83Maand geleden

    Who had the better verse Nas or Jay-Z? Let me know

  • Jae Alwayz
    Jae AlwayzMaand geleden

  • Jae Alwayz
    Jae AlwayzMaand geleden

    Historic moment!!

  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan CalvilloMaand geleden

    🎵Baby I'm SORRY NOT SORRY🎵

    DEONTE TERRELMaand geleden

    DJ KHALED!!❤️💙💛 & NAS!!❤️💙 & JAY-Z!!💜💙❤️& JAMES FAUNTLEROY!!❤️💙& HARMONIES BY THE HIVE!!🧡💜💚💛💙❤️............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

  • Adrian Lu
    Adrian LuMaand geleden

    Here for the cryptocurrency scarface

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    Bendiciones from Bogotá city 🇨🇴🍁🙏🏼😎

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    Nazeer MiltonMaand geleden


  • Ronnie Parker
    Ronnie ParkerMaand geleden

    Grown Man rap, no cursing on a record. Verses are on another level.

    TIMAR STUNNA MUSICMaand geleden

  • Right or Wrong
    Right or WrongMaand geleden

    I'm from the ghetto..what location..two seconds from the devil 😩😩

  • Peepz Snap
    Peepz SnapMaand geleden

    Horrible rap song. There's no substance in the song. You just hear two middle-age men in their 50s rapping about nothing.

  • SunKiss-da-dread ISRAEL
    SunKiss-da-dread ISRAELMaand geleden

    Shit light!!

  • Rafael Gultommm
    Rafael GultommmMaand geleden

    Yo this shi🔥💯✨

  • Stella Stellare
    Stella StellareMaand geleden

    You can immediately hear the typical Kelly beat. Nice smooth song. Be careful & peace with you all 💚💛🧡💜💙☯️☮😉

  • Emilio Jiménez
    Emilio JiménezMaand geleden


  • wiz going
    wiz goingMaand geleden

    I love this one so much but don't say and other one

  • AustinBW
    AustinBWMaand geleden

    DJ Khsled I challenge you to make a metal song it can be any sub genre of metal you choose exactly trap metal and you can call in any collaborations you choose but it must be a metal song and not pop-punk. pop-punk is not metal keep in mind this is not hate on your genre its just a friendly challenge if you decide to participate that's cool if not that's cool to From Austin

  • Samuel Delbridge
    Samuel DelbridgeMaand geleden


    OUR FITNESS JOURNEYMaand geleden

    Nas and Jay-Z joint album: The Illmatic Blueprint.

    MATOME EDGAR MORUDUMaand geleden

    Yow !!! Jay Zkilled this verse!!

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    Black Republican better, Khaled wack

  • Melodies & Good Vibes
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    Peter HansenMaand geleden

    Binance is better than Coinbase Lmao

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    This is favorite so far! 🔥🔥🔥 Also Nas and Jay on the same track!? Legendary.

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    Rio MackMaand geleden

    Nas > JayZ

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    SportsHiphopMaand geleden


  • Anticy
    AnticyMaand geleden

    GreenLeaf when somebody dies...

  • Juan Hood
    Juan HoodMaand geleden

    So nobody heard the bomb jay dropped about America and all they bullshit and how they over looking us angels

  • Nolimitbyu
    NolimitbyuMaand geleden

    Beyonce said hey 👋

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    Gabriella AllenMaand geleden

    Did you hear BEYONCEEEE!!!!!!

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    BUNNY27Maand geleden

    Who says 2 Legends cannot Co-exist on the same song..

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    Ngoma Kali Sana yakinyama 💪💪🏼

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    Jamal XMaand geleden

    This is hip-hop

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    Is that Beyoncé in the song

  • LostBut NowFound
    LostBut NowFoundMaand geleden

    Gay-Z Yahawah does not accept you until you reconcile so pity from me you gets none

  • Bruce Perez
    Bruce PerezMaand geleden

    "Haters still ain't recover from the other B" like Jay-z haters hating him for being a B-illionaire

  • JogadorN°13
    JogadorN°13Maand geleden

    Chris Brown?

  • GGG Investor
    GGG InvestorMaand geleden

    Jay and Nas snapped

  • Richard King
    Richard KingMaand geleden

    Best on Album

  • Michael Andrade
    Michael AndradeMaand geleden

    Weak beat

  • Avni Dharod
    Avni DharodMaand geleden

    I didnt understand the lyrics at all. Sucked

  • King Diamond
    King DiamondMaand geleden

    You killed Christ , you created religion unexpectedly jay z ....🙌🙌

  • Sam Nguni
    Sam NguniMaand geleden

    Ahem! Ya! So..give me a sec' who had the best verse😂

  • Prof3ssor ***
    Prof3ssor ***Maand geleden

    Livin' the Dream yeeeaaaaa..... Easy 2021 classic automatic 🙏🌹

  • Nicholas Propst
    Nicholas PropstMaand geleden

    This is a classic.🔥🔥🔥

  • Bobby Addison
    Bobby AddisonMaand geleden


  • G. Coleman
    G. ColemanMaand geleden

    2 seconds from the Devil. Man they don't know how much this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Content Shorts
    Content ShortsMaand geleden

    The flow just matches the beat so well

  • Shelton Alexander
    Shelton AlexanderMaand geleden

    Flipping the Song Cry beat for a legendary collab? Im good

  • Maga Man
    Maga ManMaand geleden

    Definitely a rick Ross type beat

  • Ronnie Graham
    Ronnie GrahamMaand geleden

    Weak, trash!!!, whatever happen to rap? Kids are dying in the streets, trying to get bans, the school system is failing our kids and we're singing about kcroptocurrency, this song make you cry for the lack of lyrics and rap!!! What are our goats doing? DJ Khaled should be slapped, (there goes another bad song!!!) What OG is listening to this shit!!!

  • Janae Nae13
    Janae Nae13Maand geleden

  • Pablo Facundo Tapia Avila
    Pablo Facundo Tapia AvilaMaand geleden

    Better than the music video

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    We need bad he ain't here

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    kwami shorterMaand geleden

    Just enjoy great music from 2 greats.

  • ShaQActingCrazy
    ShaQActingCrazyMaand geleden

    Hear yee Hear Yee Only Kings stand near me.. 100%

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    Dellway HellwayMaand geleden

    I swear I hear Nipsey on this mane. That would've been epic

    KAHUCE CEOMaand geleden

    Anybody realize this song is a remake of a song from an album Jay was dissing Nas on years ago?

  • GH88ST
    GH88STMaand geleden

    Cant see em coming down my I gotta make the song cry...

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    Janae Nae13Maand geleden

    I'm being a chatter box but you know what I feel like it's okay to say how I feel cuz at least I'm a nice person. Sorry if I am annoying! I mean well! And I just love you all so much!!! Jayz and b????😮😁💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Janae Nae13
    Janae Nae13Maand geleden

    2 seconds from the devil???? Please someone help me find him I want to help him or them to feel unconditionally loved please help me send a message to those who need to be loved I'm so sad....😪 jay z and beyonce 😯🤩🤗🤗🤗😇

  • Janae Nae13
    Janae Nae13Maand geleden

    No its not!

  • Janae Nae13
    Janae Nae13Maand geleden

    Was this the song that scared me.....

  • Janae Nae13
    Janae Nae13Maand geleden

    ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🌈I love you all!