DJ Khaled - EVERY CHANCE I GET (Official Music Video) ft. Lil Baby, Lil Durk

Official music video for DJ Khaled feat. Lil Baby \u0026 Lil Durk “EVERY CHANCE I GET” off his KHALED KHALED Album

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We the best music
Another one
DJ Khaled

Scratched a million off my checklist 3 years ago
Add 2 zeros to the 1 I’m in a different mode
This my life I do what I want I be with different hoes
You know the pick and roll I picked her up and sent her home
I got rich I just we get em in and get em going
You the traffic just got out I aint have to put em on
We the ones who got the numbers who put the city on
Its the middle of the Summer I got a hoodie on
My demon time aint nothing nice
I try not to wear nothing twice
I came up off of shooting dice
My lil brother aint living right
My sister and them doing aight
My cousin is still serving life
Seen a robber rob a deacon
I seen a preacher get caught for cheating
I break the bank for one of my peoples
I said I’m the one they didn’t believe me
I showed them the facts none of ya need me
Imma get cake as long as I’m breathing
They making it hard this shit really easy

Imma turn up on a hater every chance that I get
I want the biggest watch they got I don’t care if that shit hurt my wrist
All these hoes fuck on lil zan I wish I would claim that bitch
They get hard when they get guns we got a hood full of sticks
Soon as they say we can’t come you know we run around that bitch
You could miss me with that shit you know I live in the mix
Money cars clothes and hoes
You know I live in the mix
Money cars clothes and hoes

She think I’m a regular rapper I’m not
One person come tell me we fucked you blocked
Watch me run this shit to the tippidy top yea

Keep going
Put my kids in Givenchy
She must think 1 + 1 is 3
I can’t support you personally
She dont got a mortgage moved in with a need
These niggas be capping them cars be leased
Youngest in charge I speak for the streets
I would of naddy naddy they woke up a beast
Struggle what made me we use to have water for dinner we didnt have nothing to eat
Soon as I get on his ass they gonna look at me bad like damn you was fucking with me


I’m from the trenches
Nigga be tougher than that
But really be there for attention
Bitches be talking like they really rich
But really be begging me under my pictures
I give her 40 50 thousand cash to start up a business
I spend that shit at the dentist
I rather fuck her and pay her rent for a year just to get out of her feelings
I’m in a lambo truck in my hood nobody gonna tell me shit
Going to Cali I pick my weed for sure nobody gonna mail me shit
Dice game crabs of ceelo I need cash don’t sell me shit
Baby got its hood on smash you could tell you really rich
Drop the low aint no room right now I took her to the o
Then I pulled up on the lamb cause she a fan of boony mo
I got the city on lock
Fucking up all the opps
I be around with 3 million dollars in jewelry
im standing on all the blocks
This an anthem mmmh hmmm
Dropping the 6 in the phantom
Black rolls truck with the all white seats remind me I’m sitting on panda
All of my cousin she was a dancer
All of my brother he was a scammer
Sit on my lap cause I’m pulling her tracks I’m not far from the back cause she calling me handsome


We The Best Music
Another one

(C) 2021 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


  • Ij M
    Ij M58 minuten geleden

    Lil Durk. His verse is an anthem. Lil Baby. His verse is a banger. Gucci

  • Samuel Hurd
    Samuel HurdUur geleden

    The blonde in this video. Lawd have mercy 😜

  • tbagdaskavenger
    tbagdaskavenger2 uur geleden

    Xavier wulf and Jeffery ran so tay Keith could walk. This sounds like some hollow squad shit

  • RoboTweaker
    RoboTweaker2 uur geleden

    Imagine L'A Capone on this

  • Lance Maddux
    Lance Maddux3 uur geleden

    Lil baby a Beast period just listen to him.

  • Marquez Fry
    Marquez Fry4 uur geleden

    Her:can i stop sucking Dj Khaled:keep going

  • John Sheetz
    John Sheetz4 uur geleden

    Nigga real ....

  • Elijah Dane
    Elijah Dane4 uur geleden

    You rappers need to find Jelly Roll. Let him get on the beats. You want some heat. Toldem

  • Elijah Dane
    Elijah Dane5 uur geleden

    I’d rather Roll with JELLY. Toldem.

  • Marcus Turner
    Marcus Turner5 uur geleden

    The Beat Is🔥🔥

  • Dylan Rider
    Dylan Rider5 uur geleden

    shit goes hard 🔥🔥💥🔥🔥

  • Divonne Merdiith
    Divonne Merdiith5 uur geleden

    Let's go lil baby turn up on a hater every chance that i get straight lit

  • A Bomb
    A Bomb5 uur geleden

    Damn that boy need to buy another face!...😂🤣

  • Arnisha Dixon
    Arnisha Dixon6 uur geleden

    Ola runt

  • gen rivera
    gen rivera6 uur geleden

    the song is fire

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez6 uur geleden

    But without a shadow of a doubt you gotta get A Khaled pass .i werent finished

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez6 uur geleden

    The choreography in this video is intensifying as if I live for this bitch

  • India Latimore
    India Latimore7 uur geleden


  • Juan Villanueva
    Juan Villanueva8 uur geleden

    The video is wack true

  • Sammie Lyons
    Sammie Lyons9 uur geleden

    SAMMIESOSA was here 👇🤫

  • Stunna
    Stunna9 uur geleden

    This is literally Lil Baby's song lmfao

  • Danetris Hails
    Danetris Hails10 uur geleden

    Lil baby what is your favorite song

  • I’m Roman 😂🤣
    I’m Roman 😂🤣11 uur geleden

    Can lil baby not breath

  • ForeverK
    ForeverK11 uur geleden

    Another one🤟🏾🌍

  • Dayshawn Glynn
    Dayshawn Glynn11 uur geleden


  • kingg shay
    kingg shay12 uur geleden

    The squeamish waste pathomorphologically visit because team renomegaly start following a jumpy nest. macabre, pumped authorisation

  • _.jaywentcrzy._ On IG (_.jaywentcrzy._)
    _.jaywentcrzy._ On IG (_.jaywentcrzy._)12 uur geleden

    It looks like dj khaled and lil durk are just ft🤣

  • Golden
    Golden12 uur geleden

    their voices does more noises than the thunder

  • Daniel Valles
    Daniel Valles13 uur geleden

    Ha got that same De Leon bottle💸❗️🔝💯

  • India Latimore
    India Latimore13 uur geleden


  • India Latimore
    India Latimore13 uur geleden


  • India Latimore
    India Latimore13 uur geleden

    Georgia's own.

  • Cassandra Espinosa
    Cassandra Espinosa13 uur geleden

    I love my cousin she was a dancer ❤️ I love my brother he was a scammer 🔥

  • Aleah Aguilar
    Aleah Aguilar13 uur geleden

    ok but durk “yea yea yea” and dj “keep going” carried this song😹

  • Michael King
    Michael King14 uur geleden

    Why wad this on dj kaled yt acc.why not lil durk or lil baby

  • India Latimore
    India Latimore14 uur geleden

    12 people.

  • Cizzle no Block Famo
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  • Cizzle no Block Famo
    Cizzle no Block Famo14 uur geleden

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  • India Latimore
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  • India Latimore
    India Latimore15 uur geleden

    Hair stylist, nail tech and real job.

  • Eric Massaline
    Eric Massaline15 uur geleden

    Lil baby flow is undefeated

  • Alex Main
    Alex Main16 uur geleden

    lil baby: Im’a breathe every chance that I get 😭🤣

  • Melissa Tello
    Melissa Tello18 uur geleden

    2:49 - 2:50 Lil Durk said Took Her To The O.

  • Martin Campos
    Martin Campos18 uur geleden

    That keep going made it more lit

  • Baimot Touray
    Baimot Touray18 uur geleden

    Dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Smokey Retro
    Smokey Retro19 uur geleden

    I need to change my first name to Lil

  • Anthony Cyr
    Anthony Cyr19 uur geleden

    He said another one

  • Anthony Cyr
    Anthony Cyr19 uur geleden

    Dj be putting niggas on

  • Clip Central
    Clip Central21 uur geleden

    Dj khaled didnt even rap at all and this on his channel

  • Rolonda
    Rolonda23 uur geleden

    Tay Keith deserves an award for this production

  • Strafe
    Strafe23 uur geleden

    RTX: on

  • Marcus Moore
    Marcus MooreDag geleden

    Lil baby is 🐐

  • Jaylen Lamar
    Jaylen LamarDag geleden

    Imagine King Von was apart of this song😳

  • Theo Myers
    Theo MyersDag geleden

    This my ShiT!!! Real Talk!!!

  • Cory Huffstetler
    Cory HuffstetlerDag geleden

    Dirks flow has gotten to be the heat over the last year or 2

  • Cory Huffstetler

    Cory Huffstetler

    Dag geleden

    This uh anthem mmhmm

  • GLO Lukas
    GLO LukasDag geleden


    GAMING IZZYDag geleden

    lil baby on fire 🔥

  • GLO Lukas
    GLO LukasDag geleden


  • Channing Griffin
    Channing GriffinDag geleden

    bruh dis mf song is goin on repeat for da rest of da summer * looks online for new hoodies*

  • Kingston Mottley
    Kingston MottleyDag geleden


  • SMK Bernie
    SMK BernieDag geleden

    I got a hoodie on

  • Rob K
    Rob KDag geleden

    Durks verse sound like it could also have been Lil baby's verse. Vise versa. They both are so similar in how they ride the beat. You could read durks verse and they could say it was by Lil Baby and you would think to yourself it sounds like one of Lil baby's verses. And like I said vice versa.

  • Harland Noland
    Harland NolandDag geleden

    Lil baby n durk a dynamic duo


    The best song in the year

  • John Alley
    John AlleyDag geleden


  • Cameron Owens
    Cameron OwensDag geleden

    so nobody wanna talk abt how hard dat beat is😐

  • Jayway z18
    Jayway z18Dag geleden

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  • only1g and mece
    only1g and meceDag geleden

    That white girl baf goddamn

  • only1g and mece
    only1g and meceDag geleden

    LB killed durk on this song

  • NotYourAverage Kyhm
    NotYourAverage KyhmDag geleden

  • cammm99
    cammm99Dag geleden

    lil durk: cause she a fan of boonie moe lil baby in the background: cAuSE ShE a fAn oF BoONiE MoE

  • tvtime2121
    tvtime2121Dag geleden

    This song and “Clover Cage - Good Luck” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...💝

  • Hunter Gary
    Hunter GaryDag geleden

    Nah this is LIL BABY Featuring DJ KHALED

  • paul mow
    paul mowDag geleden

    Why Khaled songs have his name like he the artist and they just feat lol 😂

  • Manijah Lewis
    Manijah LewisDag geleden

    How this dj Khaled song but he didn't sing anything 😕 🤔 lil baby song most of the song this lil baby song now 😃

  • Anti Hound
    Anti HoundDag geleden

    Anyone love the way they introduced baby man

  • MRo_Savage
    MRo_SavageDag geleden

  • MRo_Savage
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    Fire 🔥

  • Ben Wong
    Ben WongDag geleden


  • S3RG1
    S3RG1Dag geleden

    Lil durk: lil baby stop please i am want sing Lil baby: no

  • Rae Rae
    Rae RaeDag geleden

    Lil Baby is my lil baby 🔥🔥

  • Daniel Rink
    Daniel RinkDag geleden

    On this song Khalid is the kid on the team project who just puts his name on it and turns it in

  • Crip Cashier
    Crip CashierDag geleden

    Lil baby always kills it

  • Adrian quart
    Adrian quartDag geleden

    Why does this sound like an XXl freshman cypher beat

  • May Alcaraz
    May AlcarazDag geleden

    lol baby is like Chris Paul so damn underrated but legends in the making

  • John Hill
    John HillDag geleden

    Mann I love this video so much 🆑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽This shtt reminds me of the hot Boyz back in the day BirdMan the stunner hands down this the best video made this year 🤝🦾🦾💯💯💯🐐🐐🐐

  • Anthish Dhanpal
    Anthish DhanpalDag geleden


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    Baron BarnetteDag geleden

    Can we all agree that Lil Baby completely owned that song. 🔥🔥👶🎵

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